Towards Biography Theory
Cercles, revue pluridisciplinaire du monde anglophone n°35


Abstract: These articles are intended as samples demonstrating the vivacity of research in the field of biography today. Their authors have all published books of international repute relative to the theory of biography. They are either historians or literary scholars, as are many of the academic writers who have defined biography as their object of research in recent years. The biographical turn, as we find convenient to call the renewed interest in biography and biographic approaches that has been taking place over the last decades, converging from several disciplines of the humanities, appears like a paradigmatic debate of sorts, that both calls for a new definition of biography in the larger sense of the term, and generates a theoretical demand.


  • Joanny Moulin
  • François Dosse
  • Frédéric Regard
  • Robert Dion
  • Sabina Loriga
  • Ira Bruce Nadel
  • Martine Boyer-Weinmann
  • Melanie Nolan
  • Hans Renders

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